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Black BMW M5 parked in a garage

Stephen's OEM+ M5 Competition

Its always easy to get carried away and more often than not, that’s the case with modifying cars.

I’ve personally been guilty of pushing my own builds beyond reasonable means. Intro, Stephen. He come to us with a simple brief of keeping things subtle and OEM+, not something often associated with a 625hp 190mph super saloon. The M5 in question was in an ultimate stealth bomber-esque spec: Singapore Grey, Black leather, bi-colour 706 M alloys and shadow-line gloss black trim.

It was cold, wet and windy day for Stephen to make the 250-mile trip down to us, but once we commenced work on the front lip, the trip was warranted.


“I’ve heard nothing but good things about you lads. The forums are filled with kind words. The 500-mile round-trip was worth it.”



The install of the Sterckenn front lip is a relatively straight-forward affair. We reuse two of the existing 8mm hex bolts that are on the bumper, they help align the lip in its correct position. Once installed, you have two options. Option one is to drill bore holes into the bumper and install the bolts and washers that are supplied with the lip – this is the more complex option and does require removal of bumper components to pull off a successful install. Option two is to use self-tapping hex bolts, in place of the provided bolts and washers. This makes for a less intrusive install. 


Stephen opted for option two.

Once fitted, the difference was… subtle. Just as requested. I think that the lip looks brilliant, and to say it looks like an OEM part is a huge compliment. Sterckenn are specialists in this department, they just “get it”.  In my opinion, the vehicle would benefit from the M Performance bumper attachments, but this would definitely detract from the stealthiness of the build. Remember Jack, don’t get carried away!


Next up was the install of the Paddleshifterz. These have been a hugely popular product for us. BMW left a lot to be desired and PS (Paddleshifterz) were quick to pick up on this and develop a fantastic solution. Similar to the M Performance, Sterckenn and TRE product line up, the carbon fibre variants of PS are constructed from pre-preg carbon fibre. This means they’re lightweight, strong and durable. Now without suggesting changing your shifters will make the weight difference on two-tonne super saloon, it’s encouraging to know it’s a move in the right direction.


PS are again a relatively easy install but do require you disconnect the battery from the vehicle. This can be intimidating for DIYers, but PS do provide an install video for you to follow at home. Alternatively, we fit them here at our HQ on a daily basis, so you’re always welcome to book in.


Back to Stephen. At this point, the excitement from two relatively small aftermarket accessories was brilliant. Who knew mods could bring a such a big smile to someone’s face? At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

What do you think of Stephens M5 Competition?


  • BMW M Performance Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler
  • BMW M Performance Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser
  • Sterckenn Carbon Fibre Front Lip
  • Paddleshifterz Carbon Fibre Replacement Paddle Shifters




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