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Light Blue coloured BMW M5 in motion on an open road

LLF Brings down his 1000+BHP F90 M5 for a makeover

2020 was a bit of a whirlwind for all of us, but for Ricky from Living Life Fast (LLF), "whirlwind" is an understatement. Ricky managed to fit in time to come down and see us. LLFs previous collection of highly modified cars which include a 700BHP M4 and 530BHP M3, would lead you to believe that his all about super fast BMWs. And that belief would be true, as lo' and behold, his brought another. 

This time, no playing around. Ricky's built a monster 1000+BHP 2018 F90 BMW M5. It is bonkers. On start up there are hints of Nascar coming from the exhaust, the ground rumbles as you flirt with the gas-pedal. Easily the most powerful car we've had down at our HQ.

The only problem was the looks, or lack thereof. It wasn't so much that the car looked bad, in-fact with the individual BMW paint it looked brilliant for a stock car. It was more that this car, this 1000 BHP (context: 5x the power in a Fiesta ST) beast, was lacking the flare to go with the motor. Thats where we stepped in. 

Our contribution to the car included:

  • Gloss Black Front Grille
  • M Performance Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers
  • Carbon Fibre Front Lip
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler

On top of that, Rickys now upgraded to a set of HRE P101 Lightweights. The net result is jaw-dropping, easily one of the nicest specced F90 M5s on the road today.

What do you think, Do you agree? What would you change, if anything? Let us know down the in the comments. 

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Mick Walton - February 22, 2021

What upgrades have been carried out to brakes and suspension? As with all power upgrades, it’s ultra important that handling and stopping power are upgraded too.

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