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AUTOID's take on the BMW M2 Competition. | AUTOID

AUTOID's take on the BMW M2 Competition.

BMW M2 Competition - Front

This is where it started for us - almost anyway. The BMW M2. Back in 2015 when the M2 first broke the internet with its wide hips, good looks and compelling performance; AUTOID was in its infancy. It was purely an idea for us back then and it would take 6 months following that announcement for our first product to go to market - the infamous M-Style Wing Mirror Covers. April 2016 marked the turning point when we were featured in Joe Achilles first-drive video of his brand new BMW M2

Time flies. Here we are in 2021 with the BMW M2 Competition which has now ceased production - marking the end of the first chapter for our company. That made it the perfect time for us to add one to the AUTOID garage, courtesy of our sales manager Josh (you may know him as that guy that wide-bodied an M235i...).

Josh picked up the M2C in January and has already put his touch on the car. You want to know the specs, I know. Starting from the front: 


  • BMW M Performance Carbon Fibre Kidney Grilles
  • TRE Carbon Fibre Headlight Eyebrow Trim
  • TRE Carbon Fibre CS Front Lip
  • BMW M Performance Carbon Fibre Fender Trim
  • TRE Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers
  • BMW M Performance Carbon Fibre Interior Kit
  • Royal Steering Wheels Alcantara Wheel
  • AC Schnitzer Colour-coded Roof Spoiler
  • BMW M Performance Carbon Fibre Side Blades
  • TRE Carbon Fibre CS Rear Spoiler
  • Acexxon Honeycomb Rear Reflector Inserts
  • Autotecknic Carbon Fibre Competition Rear Diffuser


  • AC Schnitzer RS adjustable coilover kit
  • Remus GBF-Black Racing Exhaust with Carbon Fibre tips
  • Future Classic Wheel Spacers - 10mm Front, 12mm Rear
  • P3 Vent Gauge

... yep. No half measures here. We've got a lot more planned too, performance-wise and styling. I see you shouting at us behind the screen "WHERE IS THE CS HOOD?!". It's on the way! 

To celebrate our new car and build, Josh commissioned a shoot with the incredibly talented @rtwenty3. Here are the results. 

src="" alt="BMW M2 Competition - Rear" />


BMW M2 Competition - Fender

BMW M2 Competition - Wheel

BMW M2 Competition - Side

BMW M2 Competition - Rear

What's your favourite addition?

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ejudaavo - April 26, 2021

] Uwazrib

Russell - April 26, 2021

Highly recommend this team, helped me with a few additions / changes to my F40 M135i.


Ben Maxwell-Aylwin - April 26, 2021

Great article, thanks for sharing. M2 looks mega!

Alessandro - April 26, 2021

I follow your journey from some time.

I am looking to add a (manual) M2 to my car accuMulation (E92 M3 + F82 M4) with the goal to do an #autoid treatment.

All the best

Terry Adams - April 26, 2021

Love this 👌🏼

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