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Eventuri Carbon Fibre Headlight Race Duct for Toyota Supra (2019+, J29)


This headlamp duct replaces the OEM headlamp and provides a true RAM-AIR configuration with a direct cold air feed to the intake or stand-alone turbo.

The duct follows the same lines as the stock headlamp and features two carbon air guides, one feeds the OEM air feed and the other feeds the entire airbox area. When used in conjunction with our Supra intake system, a panel on the intake duct can be removed exposing the filter to the extra airflow.

With cold air being forced into the engine bay, heat soak is reduced allowing for multiple drag runs. Crafted from prepreg carbon fiber, the duct is has high structural strength and rigidity. Secured with laser cut stainless steel brackets on the OEM mounting points, it stays in position even at high speeds.

Our Supra headlamp duct allows for the most direct cold air feed possible and significantly helps to reduce heat soak keeping track times consistent.


  • 1 x Eventuri Carbon Fibre (Pre-preg, 2x2) Carbon Headlamp Duct
  • 3 x Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets


  • Toyota Supra A90 (2019+, J29)