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BMW 2 series parked inside a shipping container

ZAERO Shows the BMW 2 Series Some Love.

It's fair to say that ZAERO have burst onto the car scene. They have an urgency to change up the status-quo in the gloss black styling category. This is obvious from the shear scope of their catalogue and the rate at which it's growing. You will have seen their recently released F20 1 Series kit, which has been praised by our customers for its ease of install, value for money and quality. 

This time it's the turn of the BMW 2 Series. For such a popular car, its been significantly overlooked by the aftermarket. Perhaps overshadowed by the BMW M2, it's been previously easy (and wrongly) to consider the 2 series as not as important. This is definitely misguided when you think about the value proposition of the 2 Series, particularly the M235i and M240i - the latter being significantly faster than an OG M2 in a straight line. 

Generally, styling modifications for the BMW 2 Series have been reserved to the BMW M Performance kit and a few select brands such as MTC Design and 3DDesign. All of these options are stunning in terms of quality, fitment and... price. It's true, price is a big factor of the existing brands that are in the marketplace and it does restrict the accessibility of modifying the 2 series. Put plainly, options are limited unless you want to spend big ££££. Not anymore though. 

ZAERO are different to other brands within their segment. They carefully consider the design of each part and the continuity it has with the original design of the car it's destined for. We've been in talks with ZAERO for almost 6 months now about the 2 Series kit and I've lost count of the number of revisions that have been made - all with the aim of perfecting the kit. The kit will be made up initially of a front lip and a rear diffuser - both of which are highly requested products for the 2 Series. 

Finally, we can reveal the final renders for both the front lip and rear diffuser. Both of which are undergoing final testing before mass production. The design philosophy is inspired by the CS lip for the M2 Competition, mixed with the existing lines of the M Sport bumper. The rear diffuser has hints of the brand new F90 M5. Combined, these make for a very clean aesthetic which will set your 2 Series apart from the sea of bland options available at the moment. 


Sign up for stock updates and find out more on the front lip here, and more on the diffuser next week.


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