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Red coloured BMW M2 parked at an angle

The new default front lip for the BMW M2 Competition

Wasting no time in making a splash, Zaero have unleashed their brand new ABS Gloss Black lip for the M2 Competition. First, a bit of background on Zaero. 

They're a new vehicle styling company based out of Germany. They have made a commitment to creating carefully designed value-driven products. The emphasis on value versus cheap cannot be overstated - their products are by no means cheap for the purpose of being cheap. Their ultimate goal is to provide products that punch above their price category in terms of fit and finish. Whilst it sounds cliché, Zaero products are comparable to OEM in finish and fit. 

In addition to this Markus, Zaeros founder and owner, has a keen eye for design and for looking at what the market is missing. Enter... the brands new EVO-S Front Lip for the BMW M2 Competition (M2C).

Up until now, options for the M2C have been expansive but only if you're keen on Carbon fibre. Meanwhile the option for ABS plastic lips has been incredibly limited in comparison. This meant that your options were restricted to the more expensive end of the market. 

Zaero's introduction of the new Gloss Black ABS lip couldn't have come at a better time. As the sun sets on winter and spring awakes us with warming tarmac and better weather, track season starts. This lip is the perfect partner for your BMW M2 Competition. It's tough ABS construction means it's less susceptible to damage and impossible to crack. And in the event you do, its cost-effective to replace.

We haven't even spoken about the way it looks, as whilst looks are subjective, I we're in agreement here that it's easy on the eye. A great combination of aggressive angles and cohesive design that's been inspired by the brand new BMW M2 CS.

We're now accepting pre-orders. First orders shipping February 2021

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