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Black BMW parked in a snow covered lot

New Product Launch - The Gloss Black G22 Performance Front Lip

You have to hand it to BMW, they know how to cause a stir. The new G22 4 Series has launched amid heavy controversy surrounding the design language path they've taken. It's divisive to say the least. Or is it? 

BMWs have long been unique in their shape and design on the road. And let's not forget, this isn’t the first time BMW have debuted a controversial design, one that wasn’t exactly loved at the time of its release (I'm looking at you Mr Bangle and your infamous E60 5 Series). I think its fair to say the E60 is easy on the eyes these days, with the M5 variant being wildly regarded as a classic - though that is helped by the fire breathing NA V10 that lives beneath its bonnet (or hood depending on which way your geographically-inclined). 

I'll be honest, I was a non-believer - I didn't like the press photos and I haven't seen much other content to convince me otherwise. However, having spent some time with the new G22 4 Series to develop this Gloss Black lip, I can report that the grilles really do become easier with time. In fact, I really rather like them now. It's a very sharp and angular car that really leans itself to modification, you could quite easily add a number of aesthetic mods without swamping the bodywork.


With that being said, I do feel like the key area of the car that is missing something was the chin - the front lip area. The big grilles, aggressive intakes and sharp headlights are all finished with a rather soft front edge. This means that a simple front lip here can almost 'complete' the front of the car. Enter, the AUTOID Performance Front Lip

AUTOID Gloss Black Front Lip for BMW 4 Series

We've developed this lip to build on the design of the genuine BMW M Performance lip. Utilising the same OEM bolts & fixings (a straight fit with no drilling required), supported with Genuine 3M VHB tape. As a result, the lip can be installed at home with relatively no experience and a few tools (8mm hex socket).


The AUTOID Essentials Performance Front Lip is available in Gloss Black ABS Plastic from launch, with the option for any OEM paint colour for additional cost. Later in 2021 it will be available in pre-preg carbon fibre built by TRE

You can purchase the Gloss Black variant now here. Deliveries are expected to begin April 2021. 

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