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Best mods for the A90 Toyota Supra | AUTOID

Best mods for the A90 Toyota Supra

The Toyota A90 Supra was a reasonably recent addition to our shop car convoy. This the 5th generation of Supra, and with our roots planted in BMW styling, the Toyota/BMW hybrid was a must-have addition to the AUTOID force.

Our creative director Nathan (Rtwenty3) wasted no time transforming the car into a veritable batmobile, pairing the metallic black paint with some insane carbon fibre pieces. So, without further’s our ‘how to create a batmobile’ guide:

The Carbon Mods

Carbon fibre front splitter 

A90 Toyota Supra with Carbon Fibre Splitter

This 4-piece performance carbon splitter adds aggression to the front end whilst offering something different to what’s already on the market. The unique layering design looks very clean and matches the curves of the A90 perfectly.

Carbon fibre side skirts

A90 Toyota Supra with Carbon Fibre Side Skirts

The Supra combines angular lines and curves in its body. The competition style side skirts compliment this by incorporating sharp wiglets into the design, an extra carbon accent that’s worth adding.

Carbon fibre race rear wing

Toyota Supra with Carbon Fibre Rear Wing

With the signature long nose at the front of the Supra, the rear is begging for a wing spoiler to balance things out. This gloss finish racing wing is super aggressive and fits perfecting into the rear’s natural contours.

Pre-preg carbon fibre mirror covers

Toyota A90 Supra in canary wharf backdrop

Ideal as a finishing touch or an easy first modification, TRE pre-preg carbon fibre wing mirror covers give the car a sporty edge whilst assisting air flow down the side of the car. Our pre-preg carbon fibre pieces come with a 2-year guarantee due our faith in its strength and quality.

Carbon fibre LED Steering wheel

A90 Supra with Carbon Fibre LED Steering Wheel

The stock steering wheel was one of the first parts that had to be replaced. It didn't match the sporty interior and almost looked like a standard yaris wheel. We replaced it with a new carbon wheel that matches the carbon weave already in the car. It's much more aggressive style whilst allowing you to see you oil temperature and set lap times through the LED screens.

Let's talk fitment and performance 

Finding fitment

Toyota Supra Fitment Industries

There’s no need to browse fitment industries because we’ve got it nailed. Add 40m Eibach springs and pair them with Michelin pilot sport 4 S (305/30/R19 rear and 265/35R19 front) for all-round grip.

You can't forget wheels. West Forged provided these super clean black wheels to match the black paint. The spec mixed satin and gloss black finishes to create a really unique finish.

Forged wheels for toyota supra


FRONT: 19x9.5 +25 5x112 66.6 CB

REAR: 19x11 +40 5x112 66.6 CB

Performance mods


Garage whifbitz valved stainless exhaust

Garage whifbitz downpipe

Intake mods: 

Armaspeed forged carbon intake

Forge charge pipes


Hybrid turbo from littco / devil developments 


Custom tune by littco/devil developments carried out on bootmod3 platform.



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