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A trip to the dark side? Introducing the new AUTOID Audi RS5. | AUTOID

A trip to the dark side? Introducing the new AUTOID Audi RS5.

AUTOID Audi RS5 Shoot - Apr '21

Yes, it's true.
We're branching out. Diversifying. Expanding. Changing. Growing. Tranf.... you get the idea.

This makes sense for us. We're asked on a regular basis: "What is the meaning of life?" To which we answer: No idea. We're also asked, "Do you offer Audi parts?". To which we answer: Yes. And now we can prove it with our own project car. The 2018 Audi RS5. 

AUTOID Audi RS5 Shoot - Apr '21

Some base specs. Nardo Grey. Black Pack. Sports Exhaust (more on that in a minute). Comfort and Sound Pack. 4 Wheels. Roof. Engine. 

AUTOID Audi RS5 Shoot - Apr '21 AUTOID Audi RS5 Shoot - Apr '21

Now, we haven't wasted any time in taking advantage of the AUTOID catalogue and the vendors that sit in it. TRE have supplied us with a pair of pre-preg carbon fibre replacement mirror covers.

We've got rear end sorted (for now) with an Essentials Performance Rear Spoiler; Maxton Rear Valance and Gloss Black Badge combo. Up front we have the Maxton V1 Front Lip

AUTOID Audi RS5 Shoot - Apr '21

Other mods that have made that aren't on the AUTOID Menu include the Motech 'Stance' which consists of H&R 25MM Lowering Springs and 15mm Bimecc Spacers all-round.

On top of that, we recently took a trip to see our good friends at AWC Car Detailing; they completed an 18 hour detailing session which included an extensive valet, 2-stage machine polish and ceramic coating. I've detailed this in our new vlog that's just gone live: 

We have lots in store for the car and this is our first step into an Audi-dedicated product line up. Our team garage is growing, it's now consisting of this car and the BMW M2 Competition.

What should we be buying next? 

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David Frazier - May 25, 2021

In your video you indicate that you will be using 12mm (F) and 15mm® spacers. However, in your blog it says that you used 15 all around. Can you please clarify which setup you ended up running? I’m getting ready to order spacers for my RS5 and would like to know as your setup looks great. Thanks!

Brian B - May 4, 2021

Love this. Think I’ll be coming to you guys for some carbon for my RS4

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