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Hexon Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre Charge Cooler Cover for BMW M2 Competition, M3 & M4 (2014-2021, F80 F82 F87)

by Hexon

The Hexon Chargecooler Cover is made entirely of aerospace grade prepreg carbon fibre sourced from the United Kingdom and is manufactured entirely, from raw prepreg carbon fibre on a roll to the final clear coating and polish, within the European Union.

This is an original part and therefore, there is no OEM to compare it fitment to. However, aside from aftermarket chargecoolers, there are no known compatibility or fitment issues. Our charge cooler cover is compatible with any intake system, charge pipes, or bonnets- stock or otherwise.

When we, at Hexon, approached the design of our new charge coolercover, first and foremost we wanted to improve the aesthetics of the engine bay by decluttering its appearance.

Secondly, we wanted to do it in such a way as to add as little as possible in terms of both weight and complexity.

And finally, although this is an aesthetic part, we wanted to have no negative impacts on engine performance.

We believe that we achieved all of our goals- the engine bay appearance is greatly improved with the addition of the Charge Cooler Cover, the total weight of the part is roughly 50 grams, our data logging shows that there has been no change in IATs as a result of the Cover (compared to the 2*c change in IAT from adding/removing the OEM engine cover), and perhaps best of all, installation and removal of the Cover is done without any type of fastener or adhesive.

Our Charge cooler Cover has been designed to be just flexible enough to allow the part to clamp itself onto the charge cooler firmly enough that it will not come loose while driving, but still allow installation and removal to be done by hand.


  • 100% prepreg carbon fibre construction
  • Easy installation
  • Unique and dramatic aesthetic improvement

What's included

  • 1 x Hexon Carbon Fibre (pre-preg, 2x2 twill) Charge Cooler Cover

Compatible models

  • BMW M2 Competition (2015-2021, F87 S55)
  • BMW M3 (2014-2020, F80 S55)
  • BMW M4 (2014-2020, F82 S55)


Installation of our Charge Cooler Cover is as simple as it gets:

  • Before you start, clean the exterior of your stock charge cooler cover to ensure no debris will be trapped by the Cover.
  • Gently lower the charge cooler cover onto the charge cooler from the top, allowing the passenger front side of the cover to hook under the charge cooler itself while also ensuring that the slot on the front of the cover is aligned with the coolant inlet.
  • Use your right hand to gently lift the rear tab of the charge cooler cover over the driver's side rear of the charge cooler.
  • Gently push the charge cooler cover the rest of the way down onto the charge cooler until you hear the audible click of the cover snapping into place over the factory charge cooler.