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3DDesign Lowering Springs for BMW M135i & M235i (2019+, F40 F44)

SKU 1221-24011
Most lowering springs are made with only one objective in mind, reducing ride height. Concerns like ride quality sadly fall by the wayside. 3DDesign lowering springs are different. Street-oriented, we’ve made them specifically to work with the stock dampers, ensuring ride quality is as close to stock as possible. Of course, they’re made in Japan, ensuring the highest quality, and are zinc-coated before being painted, for longer life in snowy areas.


  • 4 x 3DDesign Lowering Springs


  • BMW M135i (2019+, F40)
  • BMW M235i (2020+, F44)

NOTE: This product is for the M135i and M235i only.