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Zaero Design: Gloss Black styling without compromise. | AUTOID

Zaero Design: Gloss Black styling without compromise.

Zaero Design is our Premium Gloss Black styling brand. They specialise in quality gloss black body kits for a range of different cars from BMW to VW. We are Zaero's exclusive UK distributor and recommend them for anyone after that aggressive blacked out look.

Relatively new to the market, Zaero have hand picked specific cars to develop kits for and we think they've nailed it. Most consist of a Splitter, Side Skirts, Diffuser and Spoiler but let's break them down...

BMW 1 Series (F20/F21LCI)


BMW M140i with Zaero Design Gloss Black Body Kit


One of our most popular Zaero kits is for the F20/F21 LCI. As seen on LLF's BMW M140i, this kit completely transforms the 1 series by adding aggression to the front and rear of the car. 

The kit comes with a premium gloss black diffuser, side skirts, splitter and spoiler. In the car pictured, Ricky opted for our own Essentials rear spoiler.

BMW 2 Series (F22)

BMW 2 Series (F22) with a Zaero Design Gloss Black Body Kit

The F22 2 Series looks great with Zaero touches. The splitter and diffuser cover the bottom of the car with a sleek gloss black finish and it's one of the easiest kits to fit too. 

Zaero products almost always use OEM fitting points to make for an easy install combined with some 3M tape for extra security.

Hyundai i30N

Hyundai i30n with Zaero Design gloss black front splitter

 The Hyundai i30N was new to us at AUTOID. It's a beast of a car and we didn't know how much it needed a body kit until this Zaero one was fitted. 

The kit comes with a splitter, diffuser and side skirts and (like all Zaero parts) is perfect for adding an extra bit of aggression to all angles of the car.

VW Golf R (Mk 7.5)

Gloss Black Splitter on a Golf R Mk 7.5

The newest addition to the Zaero range, introducing the Mk 7.5 Golf R splitter. Once we saw this ultra aggressive design we knew this had to go on our AUTOID Shop car.

It transforms the front end and in typical Zaero fashion, it delivers in price, quality and style. Definitely our top choice for this car.

 BMW M2 & M2C (F87, F87C)

Zaero Design splitter on a sunset orange BMW M2

The F87 M2 and F87C M2 Competition, undoubtedly some of our flagship models. We love transforming these cars and for those wanting to go for the gloss black look over carbon fibre, Zaero is the way to go. 

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