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What mods do you need to declare to your insurance company? | AUTOID

What mods do you need to declare to your insurance company?

So, you've added or are thinking of adding some modifications to your car? From a carbon fibre boot lid spoiler to lowering springs, a lot of people forget that even the smallest of mods can make a difference to your insurance policy.

Should you declare your mods?

examples of modified cars including a VW Golf GTI with carbon fibre splitter and a BMW G42 with modified exhaust

We would always recommend that you call your insurance company and let them know when you've added or taken anything off of your car. Sometimes insurance companies will just make a note of the change and you won't incur any costs, however some of the time you may have to pay extra to cover your mods.

Why might I have to pay more insurance because I have a modified car?

BMW M2 and M2 Competitions on a racetrack

It comes as a shock to some people when they ring to declare a 3M applied Carbon Spoiler and are landed with a £100 increase to their insurance policy. There's generally a few reasons why this happens:

  • The modifications adds value to your car which adds to potential repair costs.
  • It increases the risk of an accident occurring (usually performance modifications like a tune as you can reach higher speeds etc).
  • If the modification makes the car more attractive to thieves so it becomes more likely to be stolen.

What happens if I don't declare my modifications?

If you haven't declared your modifications, the insurance company reserves the right to reject any claim and invalidate your policy. It seems extreme I know, but even dashcam footage with a spoiler fitted that you haven't declared could affect the payout you receive so it's best to bite the bullet and get fully covered.

If the cost of adding a modification to your insurance is too expensive, be sure to shop around as some insurers are known for being more lenient towards car modders than others. 

Have any questions or want to add mods to your car? Be sure to get in contact using the live chat (bottom right corner) or email us at 

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