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Welcome 2Forge 🤝 | AUTOID

Welcome 2Forge 🤝

We’ve welcomed another class vendor to the AUTOID Clan.

2Forge are the latest brand to be added to our forever growing collection of wheel options. They’re one of our more affordable options but don’t be fooled, these look insane and most of our shop cars have or have had a set on at one time or another.

The ZF1 Semi-Forged

ZF1 2Forge Wheels

ZF1 wheels from 2Forge were the first on the market and arguably the purest vision of the 2Forge brand. Inspired by touring cars, they bring the racetrack to the road. The multi-spoke design is not only light & strong, but also visually pleasing. 

2Forge design their wheels with maximum flexibility in mind. They will drill the correct stud pattern for your car, be it 5x112, 5x120 or 4x108. Just add the model and registration of your car at check out. We'll do the rest.

The ZF1 Wheels weigh as low 7.4kg per axle, the heaviest being a 19" at 11J weighing just 9kg.

The ZF6 Semi-Forged

2Forge ZF6 Forged Wheels

The brief was simple: design the purest flow-forged wheel possible. The ZF6 Semi-Forged Wheel is a beautifully simple twin-five spoke design, combined with an aggressive concave, and carefully designed details. 

This wheel best suited to track-ready and fast-road set ups. We installed this wheel to our BMW M2 Competition shop car - a perfect fit. We also installed to our previously loved Audi S1.

2Forge Wheels have ensured that the ZF6 not only meets the design requirements from a visual standpoint, but more importantly from a strength and weight point of view. Flow-forged wheels are inherently strong, durable, and light. The ZF6 wheels start at just 8.3kg per corner for 18", the heaviest being 9kg for 19".

Can't decide what wheels to choose? No problem, we will walk you through the options. Just pop us a message on live chat or give us a call.

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