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An auto event with parked cars and spectators in attendance

Owh what a day...

Tucked on the green 

Safe to say it was a MASSIVE event, and we're proud to have been the headline sponsor.

The 4,000 spectators who secured tickets before they sold out were met  with amazing weather, food, drink, music and of course were given the opportunity to drool over the 750+ cars that were on display. 

Honestly, the green at Duxford Barracks could never have prepared itself for the cars that graced it on Sunday, our ambassadors' and shop cars included.

Appearances from Swift Performance and our recognisable ambassadors Jonny, Raf, Joel, Callum, Hayden and Alex who undeniably caught the attention of people walking round.

People who couldn't get in stood videoing at the exit of the ground just to see some of the cars that were on show, it was insane.

At the AUTOID stand, we were buzzing to chat to loads of you guys about your future mods and later in the day chants of ‘it’s coming home’ were whispered sheepishly as our team and spectators kept up with England’s first Euro’s fixture.

As many were turning pink under the sun, we were asked to choose our Sponsor's choice award winner, ironically, we loved Sophie's pink 700hp 2JZ S14.

It still feels mental being back at big events like this one and huge thanks goes to Tucked and Petrolheadonism Club for making it mega.

Another big thanks to anyone who brought tickets and came to see us on the day.

If you missed out on seeing us at this meet, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next event on our socials, the next is never too far away 👀...

Or you could always buy our event merchandise and pretend you were there to witness the madness ;).

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