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Top 5 most outrageous mods for the M2 Comp | AUTOID

Top 5 most outrageous mods for the M2 Comp

There is no denying you M2 owners are a massive part of our business, which is why this week we are running an M2 appreciation week to show off the biggest and most outrageous mods you can do to the M2.

So, lets get stuck in...

1. TRE Pre-preg Carbon Fibre CS Hood

Our TRE Pre-preg Carbon Fibre CS Hood is a sizeable and significant aesthetic change. It really takes your build to a serious level whilst reducing the weight of your bonnet by 50% (from 18kg to 9kg). Constructed using advanced pre-preg carbon fibre manufacturing techniques, it's definitely worth the investment. 
A more recent addition to the TRE line up is the TRE Full Carbon Fibre Boot Lid. As modelled here by our M2C Shop car, it definitely turns heads and provides an unreal visual change. Our shop car applied paint to the lid and left the tip showing to get that spoiler-like effect.
The 3D Design and Eventuri carbon intakes are focused improving the power output in the mid range RPM for increased engine response. For performance gains, this is a it looks absolutely mega in the engine bay.
Recently added to our Audi RS5 shop car,  our MD Jack said in a recent blog:   "Dillinger AX1-L’s. Forged. 19”. 11kg per wheel. Bespoke engineered. I’m in love. They have transformed the car and made it one of a kind". Often Wheels are the crown jewel of a build, look no further than Dillinger for your next set.
The M3 and M4 come with a Carbon Roof as standard in order to lower the centre of gravity of the car. It's now possible to do this to your M2. However, it's a ballsy and intense change to make which involves taking off the windscreen, interior roof lining etc. This mod isn't for the faint hearted but the end result is worth it.
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