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Sky blue WMB M4 parked in a lot

The BMW M4, done properly.


The wake of the release of the brand new G82 M4 and its entirely non-divisive looks, its very timely to take a look back at the car that preceded it. And what a car it is. 


You may or may not remember, but when the F80 / F82 was launched, it was not welcomed with the warm and tender lover we have for it today. Early complaints of a boring engine; a tendency to kill you for even looking at the accelerator pedal and the move to a 'numb' EPS system. However, these niggles were soon overlooked and quashed when people really began to live with the car. The long production run of the car and LCI means that this chassis of car will be one of the most popular M cars ever to be built. 

Blog-M4-12 Blog-M4-7

This brings us to this M4. An LCI Competition model, seen here in the F82 launch colour 'Yas Marina Blue'. This car is a classic example of no-corners-cut. Starting from the front, we have the Sterckenn Front Bumper Inserts paired with the OEM M Performance Front Lip and the M Performance Pre-preg Carbon Fibre Grille Surrounds. 


Down the side we have widely loved TRE Pre-preg Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers with the RKP Pre-preg Carbon Fibre Side Skirts


Finally, on the rear, we have the Sterckenn Pre-preg Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler paired up with the 3D Design Rear Diffuser

Other mods you can't see? How about a set of Future Classic spacers, KW Coilovers and MMR Paddleshifters for good measure. 


In summary, this M4 is genuinely jaw dropping. We've been discussing internally, what we might do differently to it, and we're struggling to come up with ideas. I think the only thing missing could be wheels... what do you think Dillinger? 😉

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Dominique - March 23, 2021

Much more beautiful then the new one. Maybe the prices for used F80/82 will climb ? Who knows ?

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