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Our 5 Favourite TRE Mods | AUTOID

Our 5 Favourite TRE Mods

Looking for a TRE Discount Code? You're in the right place, use code: TREWEEK for 10% OFF. 

TRE offer premium quality styling parts without the premium price tag, getting you closer to the The Racing Edge.

They are one of our most popular brands and pride themselves with perfect fit, finish and durability.

Specialising in Pre-preg Dry Carbon Fibre, their manufacturing method is lighter, stronger and more premium than other Wet Carbon Fibre products. 

You can see why we swear by TRE products...but what pieces are our favourite?

1) TRE Pre-preg Carbon Mirror Covers and TRE Gloss Black Mirror Covers

The humble TRE Mirror Cover....with 18 different styles for varying cars in both Carbon Fibre and Gloss Black options, these are an absolute staple. A testament to the 'a little goes a long way' phrase, this subtle mod makes a big difference. That's why TRE Mirror Covers first on the list for most. 

 2) TRE Pre-preg Carbon Fibre CS Rear spoiler 

Thinking of upgrading from small Carbon details to the big boy stuff? The TRE CS spoiler is a great choice. At £269 it is a cheaper option and still boasts Pre-preg quality Carbon Fibre. Definitely makes that rear end look beefed up.

3) TRE Pre-preg Carbon Fibre CS Front lip

Like Yin and Yang, the TRE CS lip and spoiler are a top tier pairing. With TRE's stronger Pre-preg Carbon you can worry less about smashing up your Front Lip and more about putting your foot down. 

4) TRE Pre-preg Carbon Fibre Shark Fin Cover

Enhance the look of your BMW with the TRE Shark Fin Cover. Manufactured entirely from pre-preg carbon fibre, this subtle modification is perfect for tying in existing carbon fibre accessories. At only £'s definitely worth the buy.

5) TRE Pre-preg Carbon Fibre Paddle Shifters

What's on the inside counts too...where are you going to be spending most your time? Behind the wheel. So why not shift in style with these TRE Pre-preg Carbon Fibre Paddle Shifters. 

This is not a Drill...10% OFF all the above products and all other TRE parts using: TREWEEK at checkout.
Now you know our favourites, let us know yours in the comments.
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