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Top 3 Vorsteiner kits | AUTOID

Top 3 Vorsteiner kits

Vorsteiner is one of the most premium brands we can provide at AUTOID. Their mission is to provide the highest quality of parts for an exclusive range of elite vehicles. Vorsteiner offer uniquely aggressive carbon fibre styling for a range of cars, here are our favourite aero kits in their current range:

1) Lamborghini Huracan

AUTOID Vorsteiner Carbon Fibre Kit for Lamborghini Huracan

Vorsteiner aimed to enhance the precise OEM lines of the Huracan by replicating the triangular design in their splitter, side skirts and front bumper bezels. They pair a sharp front end with an aggressive rear aero wing and diffuser, all made with top quality carbon fibre. Overall, the addition of this aero kit makes a huge impression takes the Lamborghini Huracan Evo to the next level.

2) BMW G80 M3 

The G80 M3, an almost-perfect addition to the fleet of new generation BMW M cars…the biggest sticking point being the front grilles. Initially, the OEM design was met with a lot of critique and Vorsteiner capitalised on this with their new kit for the car. Their parts get the best out of the controversial design and since release have been an instant hit on social media.

3) Tesla Model 3

Vorsteiner Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fibre Aero Kit

The rise in people converting to electric cars means we have seen a big spike in the amount of Tesla’s coming through our doors. Tesla Model 3, the most popular Tesla in the UK, has massive modification potential. Enter Vorsteiner. They have smashed it once again by complementing the curves of the Tesla and keeping things in line with the sleek futuristic design that Tesla do extremely well.

Overall, you really can’t go wrong with Vorsteiner. Their unique designs and top quality have earned them a great reputation in our industry. Aside from their carbon fibre parts, they also do some amazing forged wheel options. If you can afford their prices it’s a no brainer. Need more information? Speak to a member of staff via our live chat.

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