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Our 7 most budget-friendly mods | AUTOID

Our 7 most budget-friendly mods

Have you spent a chunk of money buying your car but can't wait to start making it your own?

Do you not know where to start or are you scared to commit financially to enhancing your car?

There are plenty of options on our store that can make a difference without breaking the bank. Here are our top 7:

1. Gloss Black Badges

The go-to modification...Gloss Black Badges. Probably the cheapest mod you can do to your car, but it makes a massive difference. Just swapping those chrome badges takes your car away from its stock origins and into modded territory.

AP Arch Guards, one for the carbon lovers. These are the perfect detail to surround your wheels and with the same 2x2 weave style as TRE, AUTOID and M Performance products...all of your carbon will match seamlessly.
The steering wheel is the centerpiece of the cabin and is first touch point you have with the car. This carbon steering wheel trim is built to enhance the look of your interior. Often overlooked, this can change the feel of your car from the driver's seat and really looks the part for not too much cash. 

Designed with performance in mind, these wing mirror caps are an inexpensive but impactful product. Each one is built from lightweight components; crafted to assist airflow down the side of the car and give a sporty edge.

A staple on everyone's list is the Carbon CS Rear Spoiler. This spoiler really sets off the rear end for not too much cash. 

6. Tow Strap
Want to rep your favourite styling company and add some detail from to the front end?  The AUTOID X Future Classic Tow Strap is a heritage item introduced to celebrate 5 years of AUTOID.

The TRE Front Headlight Eyebrow Trims give the face of the car an added touch. These small additions are made from pre-preg carbon fibre with a 2x2 weave and are a great addition to the front end without breaking the bank.
There are endless options to personalise your car without breaking the bank.
Looking for something more? Explore our finance options here.
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