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Black coloured BMW M8 parked at an angle against a backdrop of trees

Racing Driver Oliver Webb brings his BMW M8 to AUTOID.

It's not often we're lost for words but this ti... 😶. Wow. What a car.

The M8 has received a rather soft reception relative to its scope as a performance car. It's a genuine supercar busting, mile munching grand tourer.

An interior that oozes opulence encased in an exterior that means business.

Its the best looking car that M are producing at the moment, bar maybe the gran-coupe variant of the very same car. 

With that, it takes a lot to build on a car like this. That being said, Oliver doesn't like to do things in half measures, his CV of race wins will tell you that...

🥇'14 Euro Le Mans Champs
🥇'15 Dubai 24h Champs
🥇'16 Asian Le Mans Champs
🥇'17 Goodwood Hill Climb
🥇'19 X1 RL Champs
🥇'20 VMAX Record
🥇10x Lap record holder

So we wanted to be on our best behaviour here and not disappoint. This meant turning our top-tier product on the store. 

Sterckenn, having recently released their front lip for the BMW M8, was the obvious candidate. This takes the front of the car and focuses on the original lines, extenuating the different levels to the front bumper. It retains all of the OEM hardware and is then further secured with additional bolts. As with most modifications to the front end, it's difficult to imagine the car without the lip once fitted. 

Oli wanted to keep the car true to its name and so the next two modifications to the car come from the BMW M Performance catalogue. This was the BMW M Performance Rear Spoiler and the BMW M Performance Mirror Covers.

Both of these, just like the Sterckenn lip, are constructed using pre-preg carbon fibre. The strongest, lightest and most durable carbon fibre on the market.

They're then finished and prepped by hand. 

What do you think of the final result. Would you have any modifications you'd like to make?


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