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New Cars 2022: The Releases We’re Most Excited For | AUTOID

New Cars 2022: The Releases We’re Most Excited For


2021 is behind us and the year 2022 promises to be better, helped along by the anticipation of a huge spectrum of exciting new cars landing on the roads in the upcoming months. There is a lot to be excited for from various manufacturers, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few favourites.

BMW G80 (M3)BMW G80 (M3)

One of those manufacturers bucking the trend by still producing petrol cars is BMW. The BMW G80 M3 release date is technically a 2021 one, but it’s set to be a main feature of 2022 as we see more models pushed off the conveyor belt and onto the roads. There are several interesting things about the BMW M3 G80, with the main thing being speculation about this potentially being the last combustion engine vehicle BMW manufacture, signalling the end of an era. 

Another interesting point about the G80 BMW M is the distinctive front design. The M3 has been an iconic model since it was first released in 1986, and this latest variation is no exception. The front grilles are bigger than any we’ve seen on an M3, and rather than the vertical slats BMW has become renowned for, the new slats are horizontal. The grilles are amplified by the bonnet profile which features two svelte raised areas. With the LED lights and the option to add BMW Laserlight technology, the designers have cleverly matched aesthetics with functionality. 

Whilst the G80 looks very different from previous versions, the 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds capability reminds us that this is still an M3 under the bonnet. This is thanks to the turbocharged engine and aerodynamic exterior which is littered with carbon fibre features to reduce weight. 

Inside the car, there is a wealth of technology that can rival any other car on the market, but would you expect anything less? Touchscreen infotainment systems are fast becoming standard, especially for a car like the G80 that comes with a price tag exceeding £74,000. One particularly handy feature is the driving cameras. When you consider the fact the latest BMW M3 is larger than the last, this will help greatly in terms of parking. 

Whilst it’s a pricey car, the legacy of the M3 is such that we have no doubts we’ll be seeing more of this beautiful model on the roads in 2022, making it one of the releases we’re most excited for. 

BMW 2 Series M240i

BMW 2 Series M240iThe G80 M3 isn’t the only release we’re excited for when you consider the early 2022 release of the BMW M240i is just around the corner. There are so many reasons we’re excited for this particular model, including the fact that is has 70hp more than the previous version, contributing to the impressive 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds capability. 

The older BMW M240i was a rear-wheel drive, with the four-wheel drive being an add-on feature. In contrast, the new model is four-wheel drive as standard, and like all new 2 Series Coupes, the windscreen has built-in soundproofing technology to reduce noise within the car, lending itself to a better driving experience. 

Pair this with the wider-set wheels, stiffer chassis, and aluminium bonnet/front wings, the M240i 2022 model handles better around corners. It also looks more traditional than the G80 – at least from the front. The large grilles on the G80 are nowhere to be seen on the M240i, with BMW opting to stick with the traditional kidney grilles with horizontal slats. 

The lights are entirely different to anything we’ve ever seen before, though. The unique shape sets the new 2 Series apart from every other BMW model and mirrors the new triangular approach BMW has taken as inspiration for its exterior design. 

The real focal point of the new model, though, is safety. It is designed to be safer to drive, with automatic emergency brakes coming as standard, as well as the sensor function which lets you know of any vehicles or people nearby. As usual, there is a wide range of add-ons, including a lane assist function and active cruise control. The basic model will set you back £46,000, but with the wide range of market-leading technology and improved safety features, it’s certainly one to watch next year. We think it’d look pretty sick with some carbon fibre additions too…

Lotus Emira 

Lotus EmiraIn spring 2022 we will be treated to the release of the Lotus Emira V6 First Edition. At first glance, you’d assume it’s like every other supercar: fit for the tracks and not much else. Well, the unique selling point of the Lotus Emira is that whilst it has all the style and glamour of a supercar, it is very much designed for everyday use (only for those with one passenger, though). Like the BMW G80, the Emira uses a combustible engine, but an all-electric version is on the way. 

The extruded aluminium chassis, low centre of gravity, bonnet vents, and sculpted door air flow section have all the hallmarks of a racing track classic, as does the 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds capability, but that’s where the supercar functionality stops. The boot has a 151-litre capacity which is complemented by the 208-litre storage capacity behind the seats. 

There is also a glovebox, USB port, cupholders, door bins, and phone storage – very similar to every other car designed for everyday use on the market. There is a 10.2” central infotainment system, as well as a premium audio system. On top of this, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are integrated into the car as standard, so you don’t need to pay extra or go to a dealership to get these features installed. 

The seats are heated for those cold winter mornings, and the seats have a 12-way adjustment option to ensure maximum comfort, reminding us that this is a car intended for longer journeys as well as a spin around the track. It will cost upwards of £75,000, but we’re certainly excited to see supercar style merge with everyday usability – could Lotus be setting a new precedent with the Emira?

Modifications with AUTOID 

Next year will be an interesting one for the automotive industry, with plenty more releases alongside these three. We are looking to add to some new shop cars into the mix, will any of these selections make the cut? You’ll have to wait and see. Even if you’re not going to be buying a new car in 2022, AUTOID can help you bring your existing car to a new standard with our wide range of parts and accessories. For more information, please contact us




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