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The AutoID team against the backdrop of an Auto ID banner

The AUTOID team: First Impressions

AUTOID as a company are growing at an unbelievable rate and have just expanded our HQ to double the size (full tour coming soon).

As a result of all of your support, we have also decided to expand our team... and that's where I come in.

Ashleigh is the name, marketing is the game. Can't believe I've just written that...swiftly moving on. You may start to see me at events (the ginger one often with sunburn), on our socials and writing blogs like this one.

I currently drive a JCW Mini Paceman, odd choice I know but I'm looking forward to kitting it out at some point along my journey with AUTOID.

I am a 21-year-old graduate and am very excited to be part of this rapidly growing company.

Anyway, enough about me...I thought it would be nice to run your through our growing team one by one, as my first impressions will hopefully reflect your first impressions when you deal with us.

Starting with the Managing Director, Jack. 

Jack carries massive passion for the business, as you can imagine...he did create and grow this business out the back of his garden shed just 5 years ago. He thinks he's very funny, which is true about 80% of the time (I have to be generous I'm still on probation).

Moving on to our Sales Manager, Josh.

Josh is extremely thorough and driven. Every customer he deals with, he tries his best to deliver. Now, some may say this is due to his life experiences and varying other personality factors, however if you asked Josh he would put these qualities specifically down to his 50/50 German heritage...interesting. Has an obsession with Mayo and also ate one of my lunches whilst I wasn't looking...savage.

My first impression of Sam, Operations Manager, was a confident and mature individual.

However, this proved to be quite wrong. Confident yes, and he absolutely smashes his role within the company but has some interesting ways of expressing himself (specifically belting random song lyrics in the office). Oh and he can't use a dishwasher.

Amber is our Book Keeper, she makes an amazing cup of tea and is a very bubbly member of the team.

Amber is currently pregnant and this caused large amounts food to be consumed by her consistently throughout the day. This is good as she shares her many snacks around the office but also dangerous as I am averaging a weight gain of 2 lbs a week because I can't say no to a pain au chocolate . 

Our logistics manager Louie is really lovely and does a great job making sure everyones orders are sent out correctly.

He works so hard, you can often find him having a tactical nap during his lunch break. If this man offers you a tea, make wise choices and say no. 

Last and certainly not least, Mitch, our warehouse operative. Mitch works hard to assist Louie in dispatching all your orders.

He doesn't drink hot drinks (grow up) and is going to university and leaving us in September, -10 points for that one. 

Overall and jokes aside, I can't describe the amazing vibes that resinate through everything AUTOID do. 

Anyone that has met the team and knows the company will know exactly what I am talking about. 

Big things are coming for sure, so make sure to keep your eyes locked on our movements! 



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