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Keeping ahead of the curve: Sterckenn | AUTOID

Keeping ahead of the curve: Sterckenn

In our industry, or any industry in fact, it's very easy to be inspired by OEM, other aftermarket trends and fads. It's very difficult to design and manufacture products that truly stand out from the rest of the market. Sterckenn pride themselves on the latter and we can testify for that. The team here are advocates for the Sterckenn design for philosophy and think its the perfect addition for someone looking spice things up but keep it classy. Like the mrs adding stockings to the summer dress.


A prime example of this is the brand new lip released for the F90 M5 LCI. Taking inspiration from the X3/4M & M8 front lips that preceded it, the 3 piece design amplifies the sharp lines of the vehicle whilst retaining an OEM feel. Speaking of OEM, the lip also reuses all of the original fixings under the vehicle, meaning a simple non-intrusive install. This is consistent across almost all Sterckenn product. 

Whilst the new product are always nice to look at, especially if you're lucky enough to own the new M5, Sterckenns back-catalogue is equally as tempting. We fortunate to stock a number of their parts and have a section dedicated to Sterckenn. This currently includes front lips for the BMW F80 M3 & F82 M4, the BMW F97 X3M & F98 X4M, the BMW G30 5 Series & BMW F95 X5M

So what's next for Sterckenn? Well they're currently in the process of upgrading their production line and facilities to account for the increased demand, along with the expansion and diversification of their product catalogue. This includes addition of products for the brand new BMW G80 M3 & G82 M4, and for the first time, a new manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz. More specifically, the A45s AMG.

We're very excited and pleased to consider Sterckenn one of our close partners. What do you think of their product line up? Are you going to be adding of their carbon pieces to your build? 

Shop Sterckenn Carbon Fibre here

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