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Man in t-shirt and shorts opening the door of a sky blue BMW

Jonny's BMW M4: Head to toe in 3DDesign

There are a few ways you can approach modifying your car:

  • OEM+ = OEM Performance parts, mixed with a small personal flare
  • The scene 'build' = Standard-ish car, Air ride and wheels
  • The small details = Gloss Black here, de-chrome there; it's the small things that matter.
  • The 'M Badge' guy = You've seen them, you know who I mean...
  • Motorsport = Remove weight, add carbon
  • Full send = Completely change the car, probably wide-body it...
  • Top tier aftermarket = All the most prestigious brands, no compromise.

Feel free to comment any more I may have missed...

This car most-definitely lands in the the final category I've listed, there is no compromise anywhere.

Jonny has taken his vision for the M4 and truly achieved, maybe surpassed, it.

The key cog in all of this being the 3DDesign kit, making up most of the major modifications. Which is very convenient given that at the time of publishing this blog, we're celebrating 3DDesign week here at AUTOID - a week filled with content and promotional activity surrounding the infamous Japanese aftermarket brand. 

Back to Jonny's car and the parts that make up this one-of-a-kind Yas Marina Blue M4. Sitting down? Here's a list of the mods: 

No half measures here. It's been a pleasure to be part of this build. Whatever category of car modification you normally sit in, you have to take your hat off to the commitment to this platform.

It has to be one of the most complete F82 builds in Europe.

Check out the gallery here: 

Jonny's BMW M4

Whats your favourite modification? Is it one of the 3DDesign parts? If so, we have a limited offer for you. Until Sunday 9th August, we're offering 10% off the entire 3DDesign range - this has never been done before and most likely never will again. 

Want to take advantage of it?

Use the code 3DWEEK at checkout and thank us later. 

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