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How to protect your front splitter | AUTOID

How to protect your front splitter

Ruined one splitter too many? We've all been there and it's never a nice feeling but there are some things you can do to prevent damage.

1) Install an Acexxon Splitter Protection Kit

Acexxon Splitter Protection Kit made of rubber strips that secures to the bottom of the splitter

One of the most common damages we see to front lips and splitter is scrapes to the underside...very easily done if you're running a low ride height. The Acexxon Universal Front Splitter Protection Kit adds an extra layer of protection and takes the brunt of scrapes that might otherwise make you cringe. It is basically strips of flexible rubber meaning it can be fitted to almost any car. 

2) Fit it with reinforcement 



Whether you're fitting the splitter yourself using one of our install manuals, coming to AUTOID HQ to get it fitted or going to a local body's important that your splitter is reinforced with enough bolts to hold it securely in place. If this isn't done the splitter may flex under high speeds and could end up breaking or being damaged by the road surface. 

3) Get your splitter ceramic coated

 Front splitter with ceramic coating

You've just spent £400+ on a brand new carbon fibre front splitter but regularly drive on the motorway and it's constantly getting dirty and scratched by stones. The best way to keep your splitter nice and easy to maintain is by applying a ceramic coating. We can pre-apply this coating for you for a small charge and use Carpro Cquartz professional ceramic coating which provides a slick and glossy surface.


4) Nail the Speed Bump technique

Lowered car going over a speed bump 

Speed bumps...there to test the strength of any splitter if taken at the wrong angle. Most of the time, the speed bump wins and you end up with a splitter in pieces. The key here is to take the speed bump at an angle and approach it slowly then accelerate at the top of the bump. It's a technique you need to nail if you've got a lowered car and want to keep your front splitter in tact.

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