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AUTOID celebrates 5 years with an exclusive product | AUTOID

AUTOID celebrates 5 years with an exclusive product

Straight from the off, we were in love with Future Classic’s design language and concepts.

When looking through their catalogue they take simple ideas and combine cutting edge engineering with beautifully presented packaging and form.

The first products we distributed from Future Classic were their wheel spacers; for customers they are a premium option in the market that really lays the foundation for the company’s reputation as a high-end car club.


In line with our 5-year anniversary of establishment, we wanted to create something unique which was practical for a car enthusiast; can be used on track and is presentable for car shows.

The tow strap which was already a popular product on our store fell into both of those category’s.

Working with Future Classic for this project enabled for a high-quality, dependable tow strap made from a 5-axis CNC machined stainless steel shank. This fits both the front and rear tow hooks on almost every BMW model and the Toyota Supra.


It features the AUTOID logo on one side and the heritage barcode label on the other.


The AUTOID x Future Classic Tow Strap is available for purchase on our store now.

We’re very excited to see more and more customers present these on their cars at shows and on track as we move into this year.

With the launch of our ambassador program in 2021 we have also created a limited-edition BLACK version. These can only be accessed if you are signed up to our scheme.

Please enquire for more details.

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