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Introducing Zaero Design's F40 M135i Gloss Black Body Kit | AUTOID

Introducing Zaero Design's F40 M135i Gloss Black Body Kit

Zaero Design's gloss black body kit for the BMW M135i F40 has arrived and once again they've knocked it out of the park. Zaero specialise in high quality gloss black parts with perfect fitment and aggressive design. The kit includes a rear diffuser, side skirts and front splitter - all together they create a super clean gloss black look. We also do a range of other parts to complete the de-chromed style which will be detailed in this blog. Let's get into it:

1) Gloss Black Diffuser for BMW M135i/128ti

Gloss black diffuser on a blue BMW F40 M135i 1 series

The Zaero Design EVO-1 Rear Diffuser for the BMW 1-Series F40 M135i & 128ti completely transforms the rear. The slatted style creates an illusion making the car look sportier and wider. It uses OEM clips and bolts for easy and precise fitment, slotting straight into the rear bumper. Zaero also have released a single exit diffuser for the 116i, 116d, 118i and 118d M Sport models. Their previous design for F20/F21 has had nothing but praise and is one of the most popular products we sell for BMW 1 series currently so we're confident this diffuser will only continue to prove Zaero's great reputation. 

2) Gloss Black Front Splitter for BMW F40 M Sport and M135i

Gloss black front splitter on a BMW F40 M Sport M135i

From the rear to the front, this kit is very well balanced. The gloss black front splitter follows the lines of the OEM bumper but protrudes from the front to highlight the front end. The F40 has various gloss black features from stock and this splitter tied together with the rest of the kit compliments the car perfectly.

3) Gloss Black Side Skirts for BMW M135i F40

Gloss black sideskirts on BMW M135i F40

Compatible with all F40 models, these Zaero Design gloss black side skirts are (like the other elements of the kit) made from quality ABS gloss black plastic. They create a seamless transition from the front to the rear of the car and once again add that bit of aggression by making the car look wider in stance. 

The optional extras

At AUTOID we have a huge range of products and for this kit in particular, there are a few pieces we'd recommend to complete the de-chromed look that compliments the BMW F40 so well.

Gloss Black M Style Mirror Covers

BMW M135i F40 with gloss black mods

The press photos for the Zaero kit look great, but the one thing that stands out to me is the mirrors. Our gloss black m style mirror covers really compliment the sporty edge that the kit gives the BMW M135i F40. There a must-have addition in my opinion.

Gloss black M badges

BMW Gloss black m badge

The last finishing touch would be adding our gloss black m badges to eliminate the last of the chrome accents. These are a subtle change but just tie all the black touches together.

Overall, we love adding these kits to the F40. With a few mods they can be completely transformed. This Zaero kit is a great option for those wanting to go down the gloss black route and the quality speaks for itself. Want more information? Just get in contact using the live chat or by clicking on the contact us tab on the main menu.

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