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Essential mods for the BMW F20 LCI | AUTOID

Essential mods for the BMW F20 LCI

The BMW F20 LCI (2015-2019) is one of the most popular cars we see come through our doors for mods. Whether the plan is to go full send with a carbon fibre bonnet or to have a nice clean gloss black Zaero body kit, we have so many options for this car to allow you to fulfill your vision. No matter how far you want to go with your BMW 1 Series, here's some of our favourite products we've seen on customer builds:

1. Mirror Covers/Mirror Units

Blue BMW M140i with gloss black mirror covers

Never underestimate the effect of a set of mirror covers or mirror units. The M Style design and black/carbon exterior makes a big difference to the F20 LCI from every angle. For me, these have to be a first mod option and they look even better when tied into the same material as your body kit as there is both gloss black and carbon fibre options available.

2. Gloss Black Spoiler

BMW F20 LCI 1 Series with a gloss black spoiler

Our BMW 1 Series gloss black spoiler is a simple but effective addition to the rear. It adds that extra bit of aggression and is simple to install, making it abit of a no brainer. This spoiler goes great with our Zaero Design gloss black kit for the F20 LCI and is very budget friendly. 

3. Aluminium CS Hood

Aluminium CS Hood Bonnet on a black BMW 1 Series

Our Aluminium CS Bonnets are the perfect mod to take your BMW F20 to the top level. It's one of those additions where you just know that the build is going to look very serious afterwards and every single time it doesn't disappoint. Probably the best aftermarket bonnet fitment, when paint matched to the colour of your car these just look so good. We also have a TRE Pre-preg carbon fibre option available.

4. Zaero Gloss Black Diffuser

BMW M140i with gloss black Zaero rear diffuser

Diffusers are known in the industry for being on of the most awkward parts to get right but Zaero have smashed it with this F20/F21 LCI gloss black diffuser. Its aggressive design and top quality make it one of our most popular products at AUTOID. We always recommend it as it delivers in both style and quality.

5. GTS Carbon Fibre Splitter

GTS Front Splitter on a BMW F20 LCI 1 Series

The GTS Front Splitter in carbon fibre is an aggressive option for any of you carbon lovers. It's a really sleek design that looks like it belongs on the front of the BMW M140i/M135i. With 2x2 weave and gloss finish, this splitter is perfect paired with any other carbon accents. 



We absolutely love transforming the BMW 1 Series, it's the first car that got our MD Jack truly hooked on modding cars and there's no doubt it has the same effect on a huge amount of people that own one. Got a question or want to know how to fulfill your vision? Contact us using the live chat function in the right-hand corner or email us at

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