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Car mods that won't void your warranty | AUTOID

Car mods that won't void your warranty

"If I add this to my car, will it void my manufacturer's warranty?"

It's a question we get asked all the time. 

The short answer is, it depends on what modification you're doing. At AUTOID we specialise in styling parts, meaning most of the products we sell should leave your warranty intact as they don't tamper with anything structural or engine based.

Although in most cases the following mods don't affect the warranty, this can vary from manufacturer so please do check before adding/removing parts from your car.

Exterior Styling Parts

Carbon fibre diffuser and splitter on a BMW

Carbon fibre and gloss black exterior styling parts such as spoilers, splitters, side skirts and mirror covers are a safe option. If you want to add some personalisation to your car without the worry, these exterior additions are the way to go. 

Interior trim

Carbon fibre paddle shifters and carbon fibre steering wheel trim on the interior of a BMW

As with the exterior of your car, you can replace certain items of your interior too. Interior trim, paddle shifters and seat backs all can improve the aesthetics of your car without voiding your warranty. Many of these can be stuck over the top of OEM pieces or are a straight replacement so can be returned to stock if needed.

Wheels & Spacers

2forge, Dillinger and Westforged wheels on a variety of different cars

Wheels can make a huge difference. By adding a nice set of wheels and spacers you can completely change the stance of your car. We would recommend pairing spacers with lowering springs but these can sometimes affect the warranty depending on how low you decided to go. It's wise to check with your cars manufacturer. We have multiple wheel options available from Dillinger to 2Forge.

There's plenty of modifications you can do to your car without ruining it or throwing your warranty in the bin. If you're unsure contact your cars manufacturer or contact us for our recommendations. 

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