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Breakfast&Drive | AUTOID x AWC | AUTOID

Breakfast&Drive | AUTOID x AWC

Saturday 22nd February 2020.

They say good things start small, but that wasn’t the case for the launch of AUTOID’s 2020 social calendar.

The first drive of 2020 started life as couple customers from AUTOID and AWC coming together for a spot of breakfast. We were overwhelmed with the number of people that turned up on a cold, wet and windy Saturday morning. It ended as more than 30 cars and 40 people, driving anything from Italian exotics to small British hatchbacks. To say the launch event was a success is an understatement.

Alex (AWC Car Detailing) and myself would like to say thank you for coming and supporting both of our firms. We’re excited to announce more plans soon.

You’re able to download the images from the day from our Google Drive.

We had several YouTube Content Creators there on the day, too. I’ve linked their videos below:





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