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Best mods for the F90 M5 | AUTOID

Best mods for the F90 M5

The F90 M5, known as the original M car and for many BMW's flagship model. It's powerful 600bhp engine paired with smooth four wheel drive makes it a dream to drive.

Aesthetically, it looks pretty good too and definitely set a precedent for saloon performance cars. The overall impact of the car was only improved when the facelift model was unveiled in 2020 repping a sharper looking bumper and lights.

However, as you mod heads will know, there is plenty of things that can be done to take the F90 LCI to the next level. So, in no particular order:

1) Carbon fibre spoiler

Carbon fibre spoiler close up on a BMW M5

The addition of carbon fibre parts is a go-to for anyone wanting to improve the exterior of their car. They have the ability to add personalised style whilst maintaining a clean and sharp image. For the M5 F90 I'd start with a carbon fibre spoiler (if you are reluctant to go carbon everything straight away that is) as it can help balance the rear with that amazing front end. We have multiple styles available from vendors such as TRE, 3DDesign, Vorsteiner and BMW M Performance.

2) Lowering springs and spacers

Lowered BMW M5

It's time to get the stance this car should've had from factory. As such a big beast from stock, adding springs only adds to the aggression. We recommend a 25mm drop on the front and a 15mm drop on the rear, this will keep things comfortable whilst improving the stance and handling of the car. Pair springs with some 12mm spacers to make everything nice and proportionate. There a few options for you here from Eibach to Future Classic depending on budget.

3) Stage 1 tune

A 600bhp stock engine. Yes I know, that's not an error. The F90 M5 is not lacking in power and with just a stage 1 tune you can take things up to 700bhp... pretty insane levels. An increase in power also improves fuel consumption and ignition control. A no brainer really. Make sure to check out Velocity Tuning, QST and Evolve.

4) Forged wheels

Dillinger forged wheels

You can't be smashing exterior mods on your car without considering new wheels, a good set can make or break a build. Having seen a set on a recent F90 that came through our doors, I have to recommend Dillinger Wheels for this one. They're a pretty penny but 100% worth the investment.

5) Carbon Fibre Splitter

BMW M5 F90 with a carbon fibre splitter

You've already got your spoiler on which is adding some carbon spice to the build, next stop has to be the carbon splitter to match. We have multiple options for the F90 M5 LCI in different styles. I'd recommend the TRE 3-Piece Carbon splitter as it's the easiest to fit and the competition style adds just the right amount of aggression to the front end.

There's so much more that can be done to this beast of an M car. Want help? Just contact us and we'll help you build your vision. 

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