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A little Bavarian class from over 5600 miles away: 3DDesign, Japan. | AUTOID

A little Bavarian class from over 5600 miles away: 3DDesign, Japan.

1998. Google is founded, France wins the World Cup and NASA begins work on The International Space Station. The latter of which is still floating around in space today, 23 years later. Another significant company was also founded in this year, and still stands today, 3DDesign. These guys have been designing, developing and manufacturing parts longer than we've had a permanent resistance in space. In other words, a long time. During that time, they've made a name for themselves as "the" premium aftermarket vendor for BMW vehicles; which seems funny given they're located over 5600 miles from Munich. 

This brings us to the latest from the catalogue, supporting the new G series of BMW models. Namely the G22 4 Series, G16 8 Series, F44 2 Series. All of which are roughly 'coupé' versions of their more traditional saloon counterparts. Its interesting to see these compared here, as they are all following different design philosophies with the one consistent tie: 3DDesign's cohesively designed aftermarket styling.

What it also signifies is 3DDesign's broad scope of product, catering to every outcome of your trip to the local BMW dealership.

3D product and successfully design styling and performance parts for almost every modern BMW with one consistent philosophy: design and quality above compromise.

This saying sings true in everything from the product, to the photography, to the packaging and the overall experience. 20+ years of refinement does that. 

3DDesign 4 Series G22So, pick your poison. What car are you driving and what parts out of the 3DDesign catalogue do you want? 

You can shop the full 3DDesign range here.

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