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Silver grey BMW M2 parked at an angle

11 Essential Mods for the 2016-2018 M2

The OG M2 has a ridiculous amount of modifications that can be done to allow your automotive personality to come through. The following 11 are essential to take your M2 to the next level:

In no particular order...

1. Spacers (10mm Front, 12mm Rear)

Wheel Spacers are a great choice, whether you are looking to switch up the style of your M2 or improve the way it handles. Wheel spacers can make a real visual difference by widening the stance for that aggressive and pronounced appearance. 

2. Lowering Springs

Lowering springs allow you to reduce your ride height, again adding to that more aggressive performance-style look. They are a must-have mod if you really want to transform the look and feel of your M2.

3. Black Grilles

De-chroming is another essential mod; most people start with the Grilles as they are the biggest chrome accent on most BMW's. Adding a set of Carbon Fibre or Gloss Black Kidney Grilles definitely makes a big difference for not too much of a financial commitment.

4. Black Badges and Fender Trim 

Following on from Grilles, de-chroming your M2 has two more vital steps; adding black badges and fender trim. This is a very affordable and quick change but makes a massive difference to the overall style and appearance of your car.

5. TRE M-Style Mirror Unit

Replacing your standard OEM mirror covers with lightweight TRE Dry (Pre-preg) Carbon Fibre mirror units is another way to improve the aesthetics on your M2. These are really sleek looking additions and another must-have mod.

6. Rear Reflector Kit

This product was created to improve the appearance of the rear reflector while retaining its intended functionality. Our Rear Reflector Kits are specifically designed to compliment the rear design of your M2 and do so without breaking the bank.

7. Remus Exhaust

It's not just the appearance of your M2 that can create noise, adding a Remus Exhaust system means people will hear you before they see you. Our friends at Motech Performance supply and fit Remus Exhausts and will vouch for their massive impact.

8. TRE Front Lip

The TRE Pre-preg Carbon Fibre Front Lip is the perfect addition to the front end of your M2. Constructed using advanced Pre-preg carbon fibre manufacturing, it has a perfect fit, finish and durability.

9. CS Rear Spoiler

Your front end is looking lovely, but balancing your car is key. The addition of our CS Rear Spoiler will balance out the look of your car so no matter the angle, your car looks mega. 

10. Arch Guards

Adding Arch Guards is a sleek and smart decision overall. Carbon Fibre Arch Guards help to not only prevent damage caused by stone chips or liquid damage such as tar, they also enhance the wheel arches with that sporty appearance.

11. Paddleshifterz

Now, how do you take your interior game to the next level? The go-to interior modification has to be Paddleshifterz. Available in various types of carbon and in different colours, replacement of your original BMW paddle shifters is also really just take out the old set and put the new ones in.


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